Studio MDHR Talks Gambling With The Devil And Making Cuphead

Cuphead has found massive success after release despite having a tediously designed art-style and was delayed out 2016. The game by Studio MDHR has moved millions and will likely continue to do so. However, the devs behind Cuphead detail how they dealt with the devil and the process of making this 1930’s-inspired hit.

Cuphead has weaved its way into the depths of the gaming sphere insofar that fan-made art comes a dime a dozen, which doubles over as lewd art too, as well as various complex murals and pictures.

Thanks to a certain journalist, memes about Dark Souls and Cuphead being similar in difficultly has sparked videos to swap sounds of said games, images, and other aspects to form sensational inside jokes that pull in millions of views for some content creators.

At the pace Cuphead is moving at the moment, it will surely land the duo of cups as iconic characters in gaming history, and the same sort of love seems to be surrounding that of King Dice. But, how did all of this come to be?

If you are interested in Studio MDHR and the story behind dealing with the devil and making Cuphead, Jared and Chad Moldenhauer took up an interview with GameSpot to tell about the sensation that is Cuphead.

If you’ve notice all throughout the interview, both Moldenhauers keep reiterating that they just wanted to make a fun game and it seems that that is what fans of Cuphead now have.

In addition to the above, the two also touched on making another game near the end of the video. At this point it sounds like they want to wait things out some before pumping another title out, but it sounds like they still want to do another animated game.

If they do make another game rocking old-school artwork, you know who they should contact to help with art direction and the OST? Danny Elfman. The man is responsible for composing themes for The Simpsons, Dilbert, Tim Burton’s Batman film, and he’s now working on the score on a Disney classic known as Dumbo (2019). And come on, he also played the devil in Forbidden Zone, which is a spin on 1930’s animated films.

Anyway, Cuphead is currently available for PC via Steam or GOG, and Xbox One.

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