Super Daryl Deluxe, SlackerVania RPG Set To Land On PS4 In Spring 2018
Super Daryl Deluxe

Take a hippy slacker, throw in a crazy color art-style with its own tapestry of visually unique scenarios, and combine it with a side-crolling beat-’em-up and Metroidvania-style progression, and you have Dan & Gary Games’ Super Daryl Deluxe.

The developers announced that their high-school themed RPGvania is set to arrive on Steam and on the PlayStation 4 starting spring, 2018. The news sent a shock wave of disappointment through a whole bunch of Nintendo Switch owners because after they saw the trailer they couldn’t help but beg for Dan & Gary Games to reconsider adding Nintendo’s new console to the platform line-up.

You can see what all the fuss is about with the trailer for the SlackerVania game below, featuring Daryl attempting to navigate the horrors, highlights, and heroic moments that come with surviving high school.

I wasn’t sure what to think when the trailer first started, but hot dang does this game look good.

The psychedelic art-style and 1970’s themed LSD motif really seems to help set Super Daryl Deluxe apart from a bunch of other games currently flooding the market.

The developers also don’t seem afraid to tap into tropes that are now forbidden in mainstream gaming, such as having a hero save a damsel in distress. I mean, how the heck do you justify your culture becoming so pussified that you label a man risking his life to save a woman as “misogyny”?

Anyway, the game centers around Daryl Whitelaw as he attempts to figure out what’s going on at his multi-dimensional high school, White Falls. The Principal goes missing, kids are disappearing, and the world seems to be going down the drain faster than a dead gold fish circling a toilet bowl.

In order to progress through the game you’ll have to unlock 45 different powers for Daryl to utilize, allowing him to customize and upgrade the abilities along the way in order to take down a variety of different enemies.

Gary Porter from Dan & Gary Games summed up Super Daryl Deluxe perfectly with this little anecdote…

“With Super Daryl Deluxe, we can finally project our awkward high school memories onto all of our players,” […] “I mean, not really, because we were very handsome and strong and popular. Are you guys going to use this whole quote? Could you just leave the handsome part?”

I’m looking forward to this game, it looks crazy.

You can keep track of development by visiting the official website. Hopefully if things go down well we’ll see this make the leap to the Nintendo Switch. It’s begging for a groovy adventure into the horrors and bodaciousness of a multi-dimensional high school.


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