Tannenberg, WW1 Game Set To Hit Steam Early Access Nov 16th

Taking a look at the indie scene comes Blackmill Games and M2H’s Tannenberg, which is an extension/standalone of the World World I first-person shooter, Verdun. The devs hope to release the WW1 first-person shooter next week for PC via Steam Early Access on November 16th.

Tannenberg is shaping up to take a look at the Eastern-front and conflicts that sparked 100 years ago between the now dead Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Russian Empire.

The game will explore conflicts across the Eastern-front from 1914 to 1917, which will include a weather system that opts to change up the battlefield for extra variety.

The game is a long way out from hitting any platform in a complete form, but it is known that the Early Access version is set to debut next week and will be a work-in-progress build. If you are wondering what this means, the game will most likely follow Verdun and will hit PC first and will gain PS4 and Xbox One variants when complete.

Moreover, the latest information on Tannenberg can be further investigated by hitting up its recap overview on its Steam Early Access page. Speaking of said page comes a preview video detailing gameplay mechanics and much more.

The video comes in by YouTuber EvilViking13.

Tannenberg will follow in the footsteps of Verdun in being realistic, so expect a lot of waiting and long range conflicts that occur in the far distance. Unlike Verdun, though, Tannenberg will have less trench warfare and more open field battles across war-torn areas.

Maps in Tannenberg will still have cover, but not as much as the Western-front that flaunted trench networks and other underground channels, which were far more intricate than the Easter-front trenches.

If all of the above seems like an indie game worth following or playing, you can look forward to Tannenberg’s arrival when November 16th rolls around. Meanwhile, you can learn more about this game by hitting up its Steam page or m2h.nl/tannenberg.


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