Team Ninja To Add Proper Mouse And Keyboard Support To Nioh On November 30th

Most PC ports seem to release with unfortunate outcomes when compared to their original version(s). Graphical settings are messed up, optimization is like a massacre, and then some, etc., etc. Looking over to games like Nioh that don’t sport proper mouse and keyboard support, it seems that on November 30th, Team Ninja will add in working M&K support to Nioh: Complete Edition for PC.

It’s sad that, not all, but a noticeable amount of PC ports are pretty bad when it comes to adjusting said game for different PC rigs. If the game isn’t constantly crashing there’s some other problem that calls for a mod or some extreme measures to work around whatever problem the PC port is causing.

Speaking of problems, gamers made it known that there is an issue with Nioh: Complete Edition for PC regarding mouse and keyboard or M&K support. Well, it seems that either Koei Tecmo or Team Ninja heard the cry of gamers about this very problem, which the latter plans to fix it via update 1.21.03 come November 30th.

It’s sad that a lot of PC ports are treated like an unwanted child looming around its aloof parents, but at least in this case Team Ninja is actually doing something about the problem instead of letting its fan base mod the problem away.

I bet for a game like Nioh some may opt for a controller to play the action-adventure game set during an alternate feudal Japan, but in my opinion, having extra options like M&K support never hurts.

Moreover, the thing that is most concerning about this update is will update 1.21.03 cause more problems or fix a majority without any backlash?

While we wait for the upcoming update to hopefully fix the game, you can learn more about Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja’s Nioh by hitting up Lastly, the game is currently available for PC and PS4.


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