The Warhorn, Action-Adventure RPG Set To Hit Steam Q1 2018

Pigeons Interactive’s The Warhorn may have 3D graphics that resemble the mid-to-late 1990’s, but if you are looking for an action-adventure RPG with full decapitation, exploration and puzzles, this game might be something worth keeping an eye on. The Warhorn is set to hit PC via Steam Early Access Q1 2018.

The Warhorn is a mix of single-player action and multiplayer building games. Depth is said to be at this game’s core, wherein puzzles, stories, enemies, villages, and kingdoms await to be discovered across six biomes.

The official description explaining The Warhorn sits below for your reading pleasure:

“In The Warhorn you will get to play as an adventurer, who decides to leave his homeland to start a life he dreamed of. The world is full of puzzles, stories, enemies and traps. You will learn how to fight, build, steal, hunt and use magic runes. You can build a village and develop it into a great kingdom.”

The trailer published to YouTube not too long ago can be seen right here. The two minute and 15 second long video comes in courtesy of The Warhorn channel.

The game will have you exploring an open world that consists of six theme biomes: Spring, Autumn, Snowy, Desert, Savanna, and Jungle. It’s worth noting that every biome in the game has sub-biomes, which are said to be very unique.

The Warhorn also features skills that you can learn. Some skills can be taught through meeting characters, while others you must do them a favor like going on a quest. Other times you just need to pay cash to gain extra skills and knowledge.

A crafting system is also in the game that doubles over as a building system, too. Building and creating your very own villages is a thing, which you can invite your friends over to help develop and create new stuff together.

Lastly, if you aren’t the type that can get along with other players or you enjoy the presence of NPCs, you can recruit and command them to help you on your journey. These NPCs can also hold down a village while you do whatever it is that is of importance.

More details on The Warhorn can be found on its Steam page or its main website.


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