THQ Nordic Acquires BioMutant Dev And Pokes Fun At EA

Just recently THQ Nordic took to its Twitter account to announce the acquisition of Experiment 101, the company over the upcoming action-adventure game Biomutant. In the process of announcing said acquisition, THQ Nordic also took a shot at EA.

If you don’t know, Experiment 101 is now over Biomutant, which is set to release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One in early 2018. As noted above, the development studio is now under THQ Nordic:

That’s right, THQ Nordic is reported by Gamasutra to have acquired Biomutant developer Experiment 101 for 75.3 million Swedish Krona — roughly translating somewhere around $8.9 million.

Like any full acquisition, the deal includes the development studio, Experiment 101, and all Intellectual Property (IP) rights to Biomutant. To some keen-eyed fans this came in as no surprise given that THQ Nordic was already working with Experiment 101 as Biomutant’s publisher.

I bet you are thinking “Why acquire Biomutant, is it worth it?” Well, according to THQ Nordic CEO, Lars Wingefors, the game is in strong demand after Gamescom 2017:

“After the strong reception Biomutant received at its announcement at Gamescom 2017, we are excited to have been able to acquire Experiment 101 and Biomutant”.

Wingefors went on to say that…

“Our aim is to build Biomutant into one of our major franchises. The recruitment of Stefan Ljungqvist and his talented team brings important new power to THQ Nordic.


“In addition to continue leading the Biomutant franchise, Stefan will advise on our strategy, future acquisitions and further game development projects.”

After THQNordic explained all of this in the bite-sized tweet, many gamers were concerned that the company would follow EA and would shut down future companies acquired. As it popped up more and more, especially in the case of Greg, THQ Nordic had this to say:

There’s no telling how Biomutant will be at launch, but what is for certain is that both fans at Gamescom 2017 and folks at THQ Nordic seem to be interested in what Experiment 101 has cooked up so far.

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