Tower 57 Now Available On PC And It Doesn’t Have Loot Boxes
Tower 57

11 Bit Studios and Pixwerk announced that their pixel rogue-like, Tower 57, is currently available for purchase on digital distribution outlets such as Steam and on PC. The one thing they absolutely wanted to make clear in the press release was that the game does not have loot boxes and there are no paid unlockables.

The game is an isometric shooter designed in a similar vein to retro Neo Geo titles. Gameplay wise it plays out very similar to the original Jurassic Park on the SNES or the classic twin-stick shooter Total Carnage.

While the pixel graphics might deter some gamers from wanting to check it out, I have to say that it has a really unique visual charm with the whole art deco motif and a proper head-nod to the Neo Geo era of arcade shooters like Shock Troopers or the arcade game Ikari Warriors.

Additionally, the launch trailer for Tower 57 is brilliantly put together. The lounge-jazz music fused with the old hand-animated, pixelated cinematics reminds me of the old Sierra classics from the 1990s. You can check it out below.

I think I’m going to add this to my wishlist on Steam because it actually looks pretty cool. Scratch that… I just bought the game.

I remember briefly seeing this game across press releases here or there, but it’s nice to see that development finished up and it’s currently available for purchase for only $11.99.

There are six playable characters, both local and online cooperative play, randomly generated diselpunk levels, and destructible environments.

The crowdfunded title seems like a real blast.

If you’re leery about diving in then I suggest you wait and check out the user reviews first. If you want to purchase the game DRM-free then you can do so by visiting Alternatively you can grab a copy from the Steam store.


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