Train Simulator 2018 Download Now Available For PC

Train Simulator 2018

Dovetail Games announced that Train Simulator 2018 is officially available for download right now on PC. Oddly, though, the game’s hub page doesn’t appear to be live on Steam but you can still purchase it from Steam. Alternatively, you can pick up a digital copy of Train Simulator 2018 from over on the official Dovetail Games website.

In the press release the developers announced a bevy of new locations and routes that players will be able to ride across and visit on their international journey through the winding bends of concrete ballasts and steel rails.

The game adds the North Wales Coastal region with a cross-border railway, along with the Peninsula Corridor that journeys through San Francisco, California. The Mittenwaldbahn makes an appearance as players conduct their locomotives through Austria, and there’s the all new Train Simulator academy that will allow you to adapt your conducting skills to the different types of trains and environments you’ll be traveling through during the game sessions.

You can see what the gameplay is like with the launch trailer.

The trailer doesn’t really say or show anything in relation to what the actual gameplay is like, but instead is more like a visual showcase that gives gamers a brief flyover tour of the different locations that you’ll be visiting, the different types of trains you’ll be conducting, and the various types of rail conditions you’ll be dealing with.

In addition to the standard routes featured in Train Simulator 2018, the press release mentions that players will be able to build their own living worlds and share them with friends, thanks to the included design tools.

Expect tons of DLC to roll out for this game just like all the previous Train Simulator games in the past. Usually all of the DLC combined will run you just north of $1,000, so keep an eye out for that.

Right now the base game is available for $39.99 and you can grab the download from over on the Dovetail store. According to the developers a boxed retail rendition will be available soon as well from participating outlets in Europe.

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