Train Station Simulator Set To Hit PC Via Steam On December 14th

Sitting on the fence between a simulator and tycoon game comes Appliks Apps Studios’ Train Station Simulator. Sporting grids and pre-made assets to build a train station of your own, the publisher and developer plan on shipping it out to folks by the tail end of 2017.

I bet some gamers think that the train sim genre is pretty small in the type of people it attracts, however it seems to pull in quite the crowd that sticks with it as time goes on, if we use Railroad Tycoon 2, Microsoft Train Simulator 2, and other big sims as an example.

Looking over to the indie side, not all simulators do that well in the grand scheme of things, which can be factored down to falling under the radar or just being flat out terrible.

On the topic of the indie scene of simulators we have Appliks Apps Studios’ Train Station Simulator. The game holds the basics of a train sim and doesn’t look all that fancy, but it does aim to be a game that features more options as it fills out its lifespan.

Moreover, if you want a basic ideal as to what Train Station Simulator has to offer gamers, the official description is up for your reading pleasure:

“Train Station Simulator is a station builder and manager game. Create and maintain your dream station! Ride the rails and operate your ultimate grand central empire!”

Creating and maintaining your train station will be a must on your to-do-list, which is offset by different people doing different things all at once. If this challenge seems like something worth jumping into, the official trailer by DT Gaming shows off Train Station Simulator as seen right here:

You can stay up to date on all things Train Station Simulator by heading on over to or by hitting up the game’s Steam Early Access page.


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