Twitter Employee Deactivated Donald Trump’s Twitter On Their Last Day
Donald Trump

An angry Twitter employee who was very anti-Trump decided to deactivate the President of the United States of America’s official, blue-checked Twitter account before leaving for their final day of working at Twitter.

Originally a Twitter post from the Twitter Government account informed the social media metaverse that Trump’s account was “inadvertently deactivated” but assured the community that it wouldn’t be “happening again”.

After conducting the investigation the support discovered that the culprit was actually a customer support employee who was there on their final day and decided to exact some sense of social justice.

The responses to the incident were mixed.

Some users were happy that Trump’s Twitter account was deactivated for all of 11 minutes. Others said it was like music to their ears.

On the other side of the table, however, there were some who asked some very good questions, such as why a low level customer support employee would be given the power to silence the President of the United States?

Basically, Twitter doesn’t have special access or security measures in place of world leaders or politicians.

This news is and isn’t shocking. Twitter has long been pulling lots of censorious strings on behalf of Leftists on the platforms, and they have been especially lenient toward actual harassment groups like Zoe Quinn’s CON, which was given special recommendation in their Trust and Safety section. Others like Anita Sarkeesian, the creator of Feminist Frequency, is also a special partner with Twitter as one of the prime recommended services through their Trust and Safety Council, despite Sarkeesian being a known harasser.

Many Leftist and Social Justice Warriors in news journalism have been begging Twitter to delete Donald Trump’s Twitter account, so it looks like they got what they wanted… for 11 minutes.


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