Ubisoft To Open Berlin Studio To Help With Far Cry Development

Ubisoft plans on opening a new studio in Berlin, Germany, to help with Far Cry’s development. It’s likely that this addition to the company’s portfolio of studios will help with other future title development. Ubisoft plans on opening this new studio early 2018.

Publication site gamesindustry.biz has reported that Ubisoft will open a new studio to help with its upcoming titles, which happens to be in Germany. After being filled up, the new studio will help other Ubisoft studios on key brands, much like Far Cry 5.

According to the publication site, Ubisoft Berlin will be under studio manager Istvan Tanjay, who happened to be with Ubisoft Blue Byte for the past five years.

The site went on to quote Tanjay saying that…

“We are thrilled to be opening the doors to Ubisoft Berlin and working on the Far Cry series together with other Ubisoft teams”.


“In the first year, we will build a core team of around 50 developers drawing on all areas of expertise. We are currently recruiting for these positions and the reception so far is overwhelmingly positive from candidates of a very high calibre.”

Given that the studio is set to open in early 2018 and Far Cry 5 is targeting a February 27th, 2018 release date I’m sure this team will help other Ubisoft studios with Far Cry 5 DLC and other post-launch updates.

Looking deeper into what Tanjay has said, the studio will help other Ubisoft studios develop the “Far Cry series” of games, which means that another Far Cry could be lurking somewhere down the pipeline in the next two years.

Lastly, Ubisoft announced back in April that two new studios in Quebec, one in Sweden, and another in France will help develop content for future titles.

With that said, would you like to see Ubisoft expand on Far Cry 5 after launch or would you like to see another Far Cry spin-off later down the line?


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