Ultimate Fishing Simulator Set To Hit PC Via Steam November 30th

A new fishing sim is cooking up for a release this month, which means that if you happen to be on PC and fishing around the sea of games for a new complex simulator to play, Bit Golem and Ultimate Games might have you covered. Ultimate Fishing Simulator is set to debut for PC via Steam Early Access on November 30th.

If you like to fish, whether it be out by a body of water or in the virtual realm, there’s a new game to keep your eyes on. Publisher Ultimate Games and developer Bit Golem have their upcoming title Ultimate Fishing Simulator to hit PC at the end of this month.

Curious folks wanting to know a little bit more about this game, the devs have the following information that happens to be the official description for you to read over:

“Ultimate Fishing Simulator is an high-quality fishing simulator, featuring realistic graphics, physics and gameplay. Cross the boundless seas and oceans, discover the deepest recesses of rivers and lakes.”

According to the game’s features there will be five “realistic fisheries” from around the world to explore in Ultimate Fishing Simulator. From here, folks will be able to find dozens of fish and/or species to reel in, if you have the correct rods, reels, bait, decoys, and hooks.

Dynamic weather will also be a thing in Ultimate Fishing Simulator, meaning that water can freeze over with ” ULTRA REALISTIC WATER” physics according to the devs. This means that you will need to break up ice enclosing fishes to catch them.

Speaking of weather and effects, there will be a full day and night cycle at launch. This feature will obviously play a huge part on what fishes will come out and visibility.

If all of the above seems like something worth playing, you can catch two recently published trailers by Ultimate Games S.A.. The first video is a cinematic trailer and the second video stands to be gameplay footage of Ultimate Fishing Simulator:

Still want more info? You can catch all of the latest news regarding Ultimate Fishing Simulator by heading on over to its newly posted Steam Early page and Facebook page.