Violence Erupts At Pizza Parlor Following Threats From SJWs, Says Ethan Van Sciver

Gotham City Pizza

A pizza parlor was vandalized as part of a failed attempted break-in. This happened shortly after threats of violence were made toward DC comic book artist, Ethan Van Sciver. He recently tweeted out an image of the pizza shop’s door being cracked and a message about how Social Justice Warriors threatened him with violence if he performed for fans at the Gotham City Pizza Parlor.

A day after Sciver performed, there was a post on Gotham City’s Facebook page on November 6th, 2017 indicating that there was an attempted break-in.

The news rapidly spread to anti-SJW forums such as Kotaku in Action, but given that it was directly related to a well-known comic book artist, it also found its way (and with great skepticism) onto the comic book sub-Reddits as well.

The mod on the page did his own investigations into the claims after some members of the sub voiced skepticism about Sciver’s claims. journalist Christian Hoffer also detailed the events across a series of tweets, including claims from Sciver, the owners of Gotham City Pizza, and the police report, stating on November 7th, 2017

“So, Ethan Van Sciver claims that Gotham City Pizza was vandalized for hosting him a couple of days ago. The owner of Gotham City Pizza believes it was a break-in attempt, as over 20 businesses in the area were robbed on the same night.


You’re going to see a lot of nonsense about this over the next couple of days – it helps to know your facts. Following up – the owner of the store noted that, while there were several robberies in the area, the police don’t think they were related. He also stated that according to the police, the burglar/vandal had almost broken through the door, but stopped for some reason. He also said that [Ethan Van Sciver] did inform him of the threats earlier in the day.


“Anyways – while the owner’s initial FB post says that it was an attempted break-in, the owner told me that he couldn’t be sure now. Also – the owner said that the attempted break-in of his business did not match how the other burglaries in the area occurred. so….


“Final update (for now): Police said that another pizza shop in the area was also recently broken into by busting the glass on the front door”

According to the reports the Twitter accounts associated with the threats were suspended.

The uncertainty of the cause of violence and the attachment to the tweets about SJWs threatening violence sent a lot of people into a tizzy, blaming Antifa, calling out Liberal violence, and pointing out how Social Justice Warriors are bringing real-world violence to their usual online activism.

Many have questioned why SJWs are targeting Ethan Van Sciver. Well, the reason for the SJWs targeting is because they feel he’s added Nazi imagery and themes to his artwork, and because of jokes he made on Facebook, and because he’s a Right wing Republican.

Sciver responded to these charges in a letter made public back in August of 2017, explaining…

“There are strange people on twitter who are pretending to believe that I am a ‘white supremacist’ or a ‘Nazi’ because I’m a rare thing in comics: a Republican. It’s intolerable. It’s ridiculous to have to even declare that I’m none of these things.


“[…] Their evidence is some ridiculous out of context images from a decade ago, when we were all much more friendly. Being called a ‘Nazi’ by a fellow creator then was quite different, like me calling someone a commie. It was meant in fun. But occasionally, some truly weird people would make a claim that my little diamond logo was a swastika (oh?? HOW? It’s based on the Iron Maiden logo). and a friend would satirize it by making it look like one. For laughs. Because it’s absurd.” […]

Bleeding Cool also partially defended Sciver when charges of him being a Nazi and white supremacist were lobbed at him.

Sciver, meanwhile, decided to get proactive about the violence that erupted at the pizza parlor – whether it was a robbery or an SJW responding to him meeting fans at the eatery – and opted for heroism over cowardice. He directed his fans toward a page where they could contribute money to help Gotham City Pizza repair its doors after it was vandalized.

As of the writing of this article, fans managed to raise more than $1,000, even though the initial goal was only $700.

Many are resolved to believe that SJWs were behind the attack, if only because they’ve shown greater resolve in organizing violence against Conservatives and those on the Right after it was discovered that Marvel and DC employees had created a secret Facebook group and colluded to incite violence against YouTube critic Diversity & Comics at the New York Comic-Con. Thankfully, their plans were foiled and Diversity & Comics managed to escape their evil plot to undo him.