Way Of Redemption, High-Fantasy Sports Title Now Available On PC, PS4
Way of Redemption

Pixel Cream’s Way of Redemption is currently available right now for PC over on the Steam store and for PS4 via the PlayStation Store.

The game is a distinctly different approach to high-fantasy, action-sports and competitive cross-play engagement. Instead of being a one-on-one volleyball-style game inspired by Windjammers, it adds the unpredictable nature of fantasy creatures with magic abilities, special powers, and unique skillsets. You can see how the game plays out with the launch trailer below.

According to the Steam page the game was out since November 7th, but the press release seems to have been timed to inform the media about the game’s availability to coincide with the release of patch 1.11, which addressed some serious quality of life issues such as reducing queue times for matchmaking, improving the AI behavior to be more balanced and realistic, and solving multiple bugs and errors in both the standard play and online play.

The game itself is themed after action-sports titles that combine traditional competitive sports with out-of-the-norm gameplay, such as spellcasting, talents, and projectiles.

You can play in either 1-vs-1 matches or 2-vs-2 bouts for up to four players either locally or online.

The theme of the game is centered around a tournament of the gods, where the pantheon competes for the honor of redemption. Players will select from a number of different mythical fantasy heroes and customize them with more than 11,000 different combinations.

We don’t really get to see much of the customization on display, but hopefully the customization features aren’t negligible. The different powers on display in the matches look interesting, and I can imagine it getting pretty intense with four people in the arena. The added cross-play between PC and PS4 gamers is also a nice touch and should help keep the community alive slightly longer than some other games.

If you think the game might be worth checking out, you can do so for $14.99. If you need to learn more about this game be sure to visit the official website.


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