Wild West Online Early Access Alpha Test Starts November 15th
Wild West Online

It’s still a long ways off from release, but 612 Games and DJ2 Entertainment’s Wild West Online is aiming to beat Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 to the punch by usurping interested consumers with an early access alpha test.

The developers sent out word that the test is set to get underway starting November 15th during the middle of the month.

The alpha test will feature over 100 quests, 20 guns, and two different public events for players, including the Artifact Hunt and the Golden Road.

The game also sports world exploration, resource gathering, PvP combat, and PvE missions. They don’t exactly detail how any of this actually works, nor do they offer any updated trailers, but they say that the technical early access alpha test will be designed so that the developers will be able to further work hand-in-hand with the community to gather feedback and essentially reshape the game so that it’s a “cowboy’s dream” come true.

The alpha test will feature a fully functional map as well, with NPCs going about their daily business, resources that can be gathered, and hunting that can take place.

Character progression will also be present, including having the option to unlock new abilities to access new gear, horses and skills, and some light character customization is also present.

To be completely honest… the press release and information feels very… vapid.

It’s hard to get excited when the gameplay footage so far has been controlled and limited. It’s equally as hard to get excited when the screenshots are carefully curated and posed, and when the press releases feel like they’ve come out of a carefully constructed archetype for informational product awareness.

As a gamer, I won’t get excited until I see some legitimate footage from other gamers, or something that shows that this is a real game worth getting excited about.

Now if you want to learn more or attempt to get in on the early access alpha test, feel free to visit the official website.


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