12 Is Better Than 6: The Apostles DLC Arrives For Hand-Drawn Western Dec 6th
12 is Better than 6 The Apostles
(Last Updated On: December 4, 2017)

Ink Stains Games and HypeTrain Digital announced recently that 12 Is Better Than 6 is getting a new story-oriented DLC pack called The Apostles. The DLC will be made available later this week on December 6th for $4.99 from the Steam store.

In fact, the DLC page for the content is already live and you can go there right now to get the details on the story content.

The DLC follows three new playable characters, including Bill Watt, a leader of a Mexican crime gang who carries a six-barreled shotgun. There’s also Slippery Pitt, a poor-shot who relies on traps and contraptions to take out his foes. And finally, there’s Indian Warrior, who relies on his bow and arrow and plenty of dynamite to take down his foes.

A live-action trailer was put together to highlight the upcoming release of the new DLC and you can check it out below.

In addition to the three new playable characters, you’ll also be able to engage in all new horse chases across the desert, river rafting, and the ability to rob two different trains.

Two new foes have also been added to the game, including the Berserk, and some dynamite-wielding foes.

12 Is Better Than 6 originally came out way back at the end of 2015, but has steadily built up a following ever since. In preparation for the release of the new DLC, you can get the base game for 87% off the normal price, so you only have to pay $1.29 to get your hands on the title from the Steam store.

This is definitely a game for fans of top-down shooters like Hotline Miami, where timing your shots and using spatial awareness is just as important as the weapon you’re holding. If you like the sketchbook art-style and the Western theme, you can grab the discounted game and the new DLC this week.

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