Anime Crimes Division First Season Pits Dubs Vs Subs
Anime Crime Division

Rocket Jump’s Anime Crimes Division is filled to the brim with jokes and references that would make most normies cringe right back to Twatter where they belong. However, if you’ve been following some of the themes, some of the debates, and some of the ongoing arguments that have persisted over the years in the weeb community, then the series might sap some chuckles out of your funny bone.

I should warn you first and foremost that Anthony Burch, a literal cuck, wrote the episodes. This may create conflict in whether or not you want to support the indie comedy, despite the fact that it stars SungWon “ProZD” Cho and is made by Freddy Wong’s Rocket Jump. It’s like eating a hotdog in a hamburger bun. It just ain’t right.

Anyway, if you can put politics aside long enough to have a laugh at the three 10 minute episodes, you can check out the three below, courtesy of Rocket Jump.

The episode starts with ProZD attempting to rescue a cargo container full of busty waifus, since 2D > 3D. Later on he’s introduced to his new partner who is a Digimon fanatic, but she doesn’t know much about other anime. They have to track down some vandals who attempted to start a gang war between the dubbers and subbers.

As we all know, subs trump dubs.

The second episode focuses on the TCG community and playing for keeps. You can check it out below.

The first episode was still a lot funnier than the second episode, but banishing that 14-year-old who looked 30 to the Shadow Realm was pretty hilarious.

The third episode is about a serial killer who kills Gundam figurines.

The second episode was okay, but the third episode hits all the right tones. I laughed internally at the line “I only have one book on my shelf… and it’s Death Note”.

The twist in the third episode is hilarious, and the entire episode is filled with plenty of anime tropes. The one that takes the cake, though, is the ending line from ProZD, comparing his broken heart to the ending of Neon Genesis Evangelion. But no matter how broken his heart is, at least he isn’t Anthony Burch.


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