Aritana 2, 3D Adventure Game Tackles Brazilian Mythology, Mysticism
Ariana 2
(Last Updated On: December 21, 2017)

The Brazilian game company, Duaik Entertainment, announced that Aritana 2 is coming. The PC game was unveiled with a brand new teaser trailer showcasing the game in action.

Players take on the role of a young warrior tasked with saving the land by protecting the big tree, Ypy, from destruction while an ancient power emerge and attempts to corrupt everything in its path. The game is very much like old-school PS2 classics like Mark of Kri or Rise of the Kasai, focusing on 3D action-adventure with some light combat, platforming, and exploration mixed in together.

The teaser trailer is only 44 seconds long, but you can scope it out for yourself below to get a look at it in action.

The trailer showcases the main character, Aritana, venturing throughout the great mystical forest in search of of the chieftain’s powerful magic staff in order to bring it to the temple and protect the Ypy tree.

According to the press release, the game wasn’t designed to be a story-focused sequel to the original Aritana and the Harpy’s Feather, but was structured as a standalone adventure for gamers new to the series.

As you solve puzzles and venture throughout the world, crafting items and creating new weapons for Aritana to use, you’ll also learn some bow and arrow skills and attempt to defeat large-scale bosses.

Now visually the game doesn’t look bad, and it seems to have a lot of spirit and verve as its underlying core, but there are still some really rough spots around the edges. For instance, Aritana’s running animations are pretty stiff and the speed of the animations don’t match the incremental acceleration of the actor. It gives him a very distracting and stilted look when it comes to his movement.

Nevertheless, there’s hopefully still time before the game launches so that Duaik can fix up Aritana’s movements and animations and iron all of that out for the game’s release on PC.

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