Atari Box Pre-Orders Go Live December 14th
Atari Box Pre-Orders

Still geeked out about the upcoming Atari Box? Well, Atari’s foray back into the home console arena will get underway soon enough, but pre-orders for the multi-purpose gaming machine will open up starting December 14th.

So how much will it cost? The final price hasn’t been determined yet but they’re gunning for a $299 price point, putting it in line with the Nintendo Switch and PS4 discounts. The question becomes: will it be as powerful as the PS4?

Technically, so long as the Atari Box can run games at 1080p and 60fps, I don’t think most people will mind if it’s not the biggest, baddest, most powerful console on the market. The Xbox One X can support some games at native 4K but it doesn’t have any fun games to play at native 4K, which essentially makes it pointless. It’s pushing pixels just for the sake of it.

Now based on previous reports, the Atari Box will come in two different versions, allowing people to get a more classically designed system or one with a more new-gen motif.

The Atari Box was announced way back in the middle of June during the hype and hysterics of E3. A lot of gamers were torn on what to think about the system, but it was later revealed that the new multi-purpose console would be heading to IndieGoGo. It will play both retro Atari games and newer games as well.

We still don’t know what the full aim of this system will be: Will it reinvigorate Atari to make Atari Box exclusives? Will it be what the Steam Machines failed to become? Will it be a small form-factor emulation box with an Atari look?

There are still a ton of questions about the Atari Box and we still don’t have many answers. Nevertheless, if you’re curious about the Atari Box or you’re interested in pre-ordering it, you can visit the IndieGoGo page. If you’re already convinced that this is going to be something worth purchasing, you can pre-order the Atari Box come December 14th.


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