Atlus Details Catherine: Full Body And Shares Screenshots
(Last Updated On: December 27, 2017)

Atlus has come forth with more information on Studio Zero’s Catherine: Full Body. The game is said to be the definitive edition of the game, according to the new memo. Folks interested in the once love triangle that has matured into a love quadrangle can learn even more about the upcoming PS4 and PS Vita title.

Thanks to publisher Atlus and developer Studio Zero, we learn a little bit more about Catherine: Full Body, which is better known as the definitive edition. Joining the info that sits below comes screenshots too.

For starters, the note begins by saying that…

“It has been six years since Catherine was released. The voices longing for a remake or port have never ceased, and now “Atlus’ Legendary Controversial Title” has matured into a “Bigger” controversial title, which will appear on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.”

The upcoming definitive edition will see three “Catherines” in action that won’t hold back, meaning that all the “Vincents” around the world should watch out:

“‘New episodes’ that push forward the “Catherine-style path of righteousness” have been added. With three “Catherines” appearing, the love triangle around Vincent will mature into a love quadrangle. (Devolve?) The third “Catherine” will invite players to a new story that puts their values to the test.


And of course, Atlus is not stopping at episodes for the new “Catherine.” Catherine and Katherine, the dual heroines from the original Catherine, will also have additional endings. All of the “Catherines” are even more aggressive, even more erotic, and even more stylish. All of you Vincents around the world better watch out!”

The game will also sport a system for players who adore the puzzles in the original game, and a system that opts for those who do not enjoy the puzzles. This is further explained in the following note:

“Through convincing feedback, the two-times more delicious definitive edition of Catherine will also offer new experiences to fans of frequently dying in video games. And even to players who played the original version of Catherine, players who are good at puzzles and action, and players who are not good at puzzles. With drastically improved playability, Catherine: Full Body is the definitive edition of Catherine in every way possible.”

We also get a small taste of Rin and what said character’s occupation and behavior will be like. This is also followed by two images: One as illustrated artwork and the other as an in-game still.

“A pianist recently hired by the bar Stray Sheep. She has an extremely straightforward and gentle personality. The occasional glimpse of her behavior gives off the impression she is considerably lacking in common sense.


Other than her moniker, “Rin,” her age and real name are unknown, and her beautiful face and mysteriousness attracts the attention of those around her. (Rin, however, is unaware of this herself.)


She supports Vincent, who is taunted by his nightmares, and becomes a healing presence that exemplifies new values.”

According to the notice, the third “Catherine” will invite players to a new story that puts their “values to the test”.

Catherine: Full Body will launch for PS4 and PS Vita in Japan next Winter. A western release has been announced, but no platform or release date has been confirmed except for a teaser website.

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