Cattails: Become A Cat! Is Now Available For Download On Steam

The 16-bit inspired RPG from Falcon Development called Cattails: Become A Cat! is a game focused on putting players in the role of a curiosity-ridden feline who must hunt for food, make friends, and venture around a picturesque setting as cat.

The game was originally Kickstarted and then eventually made its way through the hurdles of testing and iterating. After going through the standard trials and tribulations associated with game development, Falcon Development eventually launched Cattails: Become A Cat! on December 1st on Steam for only $14.99.

The start of the game lets you create your own cat by naming it, choosing its color and choosing its eyes. From there you’ll be able to explore the land as a cat, go on adventures, attempt to romance another cat, and hunt for treasures. The first half hour of the game was demonstrated via a YouTube video from user Zebra Gamer. You can check it out below.

It’s hard to properly describe the game, but I suppose it’s most similar to the likes of games such as Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley. You’ll be able to romance and marry one of nine eligible cats, have a litter of kittens, raise your kittens, and attempt to keep them fed and alive while journeying throughout the world to acquire riches and fame.

The Harvest Moon aspects come into play where you can acquire goods to upgrade and personalize your abode, while the more traditional RPG elements unfold through journeying through caves to acquire treasures and fight enemies, as well as acquire accessories in which to adorn your precious kitty cat.

It’s a weird little game that takes a side-step away from the traditional stories and structures of RPGs that most people are used to it, so if you’re into that kind of thing I assume that Cattails: Become A Cat! might be right up your alley.

If you’re interested you can check out the game’s Steam store page to learn more.

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