Days Of Purgatory Steam Page Reveals AO Rating For Violence And Gore
(Last Updated On: December 5, 2017)

One of the upcoming Early Access games not featuring zombies but instead contains lots of lost souls, the unfortunate, the damned and those barred from the well oiled gates of heaven, comes Days of Purgatory. The most interesting part, though, is that this PC game will feature extreme violence and gore insofar that it has a rating of AO.

Days of Purgatory is an FPS game with an emphasis on killing hordes of monsters, demons and other supernatural entities. The game will feature a deathmatch mode, and a story mode that can be played with up to four other players.

The story mode sees Liam Fortin stranded in purgatory due to his terrible, murderous existence in the realm of the living. Locked away and forsaken by the heavens, his only friends are the demons of the underworld who want to claim his soul, but he must deal with what lives there and search through the demon infested purgatory for supplies and weapons to survive. If he does not survive another night it means eternal damnation.

“Days of purgatory is a co-operative FPS that will challenge the most veteran of players with overwhelming hordes of monsters. Journey through the demon infested zones to find supplies that will aid in surviving another night.”

The video below is said to be an alpha test video that does not represent the actual game, but was published to give an ideal as to how Gory Gaming’s Days of Purgatory setting will look.

The premise behind the game sees players during the day organizing scavenge parties to find useful resources and lost souls. This scavenge can be used to find Lost Souls, which in purgatory can be used as playable characters.

A level system ties in with a sacrifice system. This means that Lost souls sacrificed can empower Fortin’s level, and when enough Lost Souls are sacrificed at the altar it will give a global bonus to all Lost Souls under his control.

Other features include a random daily event algorithm and an item/weapon system that supposedly holds a plethora of weapon attachments and supplies to search for in-game.

There’s no telling if this game will see the same ban hammer as Hatred for its extreme violence (hence AO rating) or if Steam will let it walk away from the halls of hell with no problem? What is known is that Days of Purgatory is set to come out next month sometime during January 2018 for PC via Steam Early Access.

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