The Deer God Launches On Nintendo Switch December 21st, 2017
The Deer God Nintendo Switch

One of the strangest games I’ve ever witnessed is The Deer God. It’s a mix of 2.5D puzzle solving, romance-pursuing, platforming, adventuring, and a light canvassing over the themes of mysticism and naturalism. Well, Blowfish Studios decided that after moving more than 1.5 million copies across PC, PS4 and Xbox One, they wanted to give Nintendo Switch owners an opportunity to play their off-kilter adventure game.

The developers announced that starting December 21st later this month, Nintendo Switch owners will be able to pick up a digital copy of The Deer God from the Nintendo eShop for only $7.99.

Ben Lee, CEO, Blowfish Studios, commented about the release of the game onto the Switch, mentioning in the press release…

“It’s been an amazing journey bringing The Deer God and its tale of karmic retribution to so many players across so many platforms, and now we’re thrilled continue this ride by sharing the experience with the Nintendo Switch community,”


“The Deer God’s procedurally-generated levels lend themselves incredibly well to being able to play on the go, and we’re delighted to allow players to take the game with them on adventures.”

The story of the game centers around a hunter tracking down a deer, but mistakenly he ends up killing a fawn after being mauled to death by a pack of rabid wolves. The door god revives the hunter as a fawn as a form of karmic retribution.

Players must control the hunter (who is now a fawn) and venture through the land, find food, avoid death, solve puzzles, make love, make babies, and fulfill your destiny in eventually becoming the deer god.

As I said, it’s a weird game.

The crowdfunded title is just one of many games that was only made possible due to the dedication from a gaming community looking to fund and support developers who wanted to see more unique and original games brought to the market. Blowfish Studios managed to get the game Kickstarted back in 2014, creating the 3D pixel title for home consoles and PC. And soon Nintendo Switch gamers will get to experience the title on December 21st at the end of the month.


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