DICE Sweden Battlefield Game Rumored To Be Set In WW2
(Last Updated On: December 15, 2017)

DICE Sweden new game is rumored to be a World War 2 first-person shooter, despite it still having problems found in Battlefield 1. The new game is rumored to have the same level of destruction as BF1, as well as gunplay.

Notice: The rumor, as per usual, should be taken with a grain of salt given that EA, DICE (Sweden), and DICE LA have not confirmed the below rumored information.

Jumping straight into the rumor, Battlefield World War 2 or Battlefield WW2 sadly, at this moment, still has the same gunplay as Battlefield 1. This means that the skill or level of gunplay found in Battlefield 4 isn’t in the current build of Battlefield WW2.

In other words, the more you hold down the trigger of a gun the more accurate it will become. This means that weapons with high-rate of fire like the M1A1 sub-machine gun will be king like that of the Automatico variants, preferably the Trench.

Moreover, loot-boxes will be in this game too. It is rumored that they will be cosmetic “rewards” only, and that no weapons will be found in the loot-boxes/microtransactions, much like BF1.

You can listen to what Almightydaq has to say about the BFWW2 rumor below:

Before concluding, two tidbits or rumors worth sharing sit below. The first rumor is about potential Battlefield WW2 and Battlefield Bad Company 3 release dates. A user asked Almightydaq when will the two games release, the leaker replied:

“Thanks to LevelCap It’s safe to say that WWII comes out first followed by BFBC3. I address that with a reddit post shout-out mid-video.”

The second tidbit or rumor is about weapons found in Battlefield WW2 and Battlefield Bad Company 3. DICE Sweden lead weapon artist, Peter Olofsson Hermanrud, posted up on ArtStation a year ago weapons that have no relation to World War 1. The weapons happen to be a WW2 PPH-41 (Battlefield WW2) and the AS Val (Battlefield Bad Company 3).

Remember, all of this may or may not be correct. It’s worth noting that a grain of salt should be taken when consuming the above rumors.

You can look this information over in further detail by visiting ArtStation or Almightydaq channel.

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