Dying Light: Bad Blood Battle Royale Mode Sign-Ups Are Open
Dying Light Bad Blood Battle Royale

Techland’s Dying Light will receive an update in the first quarter of 2018 called Bad Blood. The Dying Light: Bad Blood update will enable players to participate in a new PvP mode inspired by the Battle Royale craze, where players can either cooperate or kill each other by collecting samples and attempting to get out alive.

The trick to the mode is that even while you might start off working together, similar to what happens in The Division at the extraction zone. You’ll be compelled to betray your teammates if you want to reap the most rewards for yourself per run, turning the exfiltration exercise into a kill or be killed situation.

The press release says that there will be seven players thrown into the zone, but the official website mentions only six players being thrown into the chaos. I’m not sure which one is accurate, but there will be less than 10 players in the map vying to gather up samples and survive against the zombie hordes.

The objective is to gather as many blood samples as possible to pay for a seat on the extraction helicopter, the more samples that are collected the more seats that are unlocked. The samples are counted collectively, and that the seats are limited, so it turns into a musical chairs of death for the six (or seven) players attempting to escape from the zombie-infested streets.

Of course, the intensity begins to ratchet up when players see the chopper arriving and a battle for seats ensues. Players can either continue working together to gather samples, or kill each other off in hopes of being the last man standing to ensure that there’s a guaranteed spot on the chopper.

If you’re interested in play-testing the mode before it goes live in 2018, you can register right now by visiting the official sign-up page and get an opportunity to check out the new Battle Royale-inspired game mode.


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