Dynasty Warriors 9 Shows Off Lu Lingqi, Sima Yi, Cao Pi And More

Curious fans of Dynasty Warriors 9 will be able to see that much more of the 2018 musou game through five new video trailers. The five videos reveal Lu Lingqi, Sima Yi, Cao Pi, Zhenji, and Lu Su.

Publisher Koei Tecmo and developer Omega Force have been busy working up more and new characters for their musou 2018 title Dynasty Warriors 9. We also learn that there’s a lot more to the game than meets the eye, thanks to an open world hub that you can traverse to access different stages/eras of China.

Additional features tagging along with the large pool of officers and world map to explore comes Hideaway places. These Hideaways can be used as a place to stay where you can furnish them with decorative/helpful items, which can be purchased at a Coin Collector or Trading Post.

If you wish to roam the open world, fight thousands of soldiers and lodge at your very own Hideaway, you’ll be able to do so as a list of officers, including the newly revealed: Lu Lingqi, Sima Yi, Cao Pi, Zhenji, and Lu Su.

The named officers have five new gameplay trailer showing off their special moves, while taking on a list of opposing soldiers. You can check out the newly posted videos thanks to dengekionline.com and KoeiTecmo Channel.

Following after Lu Bu’s daughter, better known as Lu Lingqi, comes yet another video that shows the cunning tactician Sima Yi. The second video, much like the first, only runs for 20 seconds.

The next video shows off Cao Cao’s second son, Cao Pi. The video reveals Cao Pi and his special moves in Dynasty Warriors 9 against a cohort of enemies.

Cao Pi’s first wife Zhenji also makes an appearance in Dynasty Warriors 9. Described as a woman of dazzling beauty, you can check out Zhenji below.

Lastly, Lu Su, an advisor for the Kingdom of Wu, makes an appearance as a playable officer in Dynasty Warriors 9.

Dynasty Warriors 9 will launch for PS4 on February 8th in Japan, and across PC, PS4 and Xbox One on February 13th in the West.


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