EA Announces Respawn Entertainment Acquisition Is Complete

EA has disclosed in a new blog post on its official website that its complete takeover (or assimilation) of Respawn Entertainment is complete. In other words, the acquisition of Respawn Entertainment has been finalized, thus meaning the studio is now officially under the Electronic Arts umbrella.

Respawn Entertainment is the one behind the triple-A shooter franchise consisting of Titanfall and Titanfall 2. The first game received a lot of flak for its lack of content and story mode, however the team managed to win gamers over with the second iteration by providing an actual story mode and then some.

Although everything seemed like it was going in Respawn Entertainment’s favor, the company’s publisher, EA, had released Titanfall 2 right in between the releases of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1 back in 2016.

A lot of fans said that this drowned out the “well made” shooter’s sales potential, because it was going against two power house titles: Call of Duty and Battlefield.

Later on, EA had announced that it would soon acquire the dev team on November 9th. Fast forward to December 1st and the move has now been complete or finalized, meaning that EA now officially owns Respawn Entertainment.

Here’s the letter disclosing the aforesaid act:

“On November 9, 2017 we announced an agreement to acquire Respawn Entertainment, LLC, one of the leading independent game development studio and creators of AAA shooter and action games including the critically-acclaimed Titanfall™ franchise. Today, December 1, 2017, we have completed the acquisition of Respawn on the terms previously disclosed.


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Now that EA has full control over the Titanfall franchise, there’s no telling what will come of the series. On one side of the spectrum we could see EA take out Respawn Entertainment quickly or we could see the dev team hang in there for a while before realizing the memento mori that everything great or small must someday die… that is, while being under EA.

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