EA Sports UFC 3 Beta Download Available For Xbox One, PS4
EA Sports UFC 3 Beta
(Last Updated On: December 3, 2017)

Controversy has already erupted over the release of the public beta for the upcoming EA Sports UFC 3 for the Xbox One and PS4. Nevertheless, if you missed out on the news before you might want to grab the free beta while it’s currently available if you have an Xbox One or PS4.

The open beta news was posted up recently over on the official EA Games website, detailing the changes that have been made to the latest iteration of the fighting game simulator.

There are four modes that are present in the beta, including the Quick Fight mode, the Fight Now Classic, the UFC Ultimate Team mode and the Practice mode.They give you a small taste of the action with the beta trailer.

Some of the new features for EA Sports UFC 3 includes the Real Player Motion Tech, which has been re-engineered from the ground up to include more moves, more move transitions, an overhauled counter-attack system, and an all new career mode that attempts to take some cues from 2K’s WWE 2K series.

One of the new aspects of the career mode is being able to interact with opponents during the press conferences, and make some life decisions outside of the octagon that can drastically affect the trajectory of your fighter’s career.

While the beta is available to download right now and clocks in at just under 8GB, you should be aware that EA is already catching fire for the pay-to-win style microtransactions that are expected to be available in the game when it launches this upcoming February in 2018.

Will EA curtail the microtransactions and attempt to save face? Or will they just keep moving down the devil’s ladder into the pit of consumer hell that they created for themselves? With looming government intervention on premium loot boxes, it appears EA’s day of reckoning could be upon them.

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