Fade To Silence Sees Players Battling The Deadly Cold And Eldritch Monsters
Fade to Silence

Black Forest Games and THQ Nordic announced that Fade To Silence is set to hit Steam Early Access on December 14th, next week for PC. The game is scheduled to release on home consoles as well, but for now the developers want to focus on fixing up the game and getting it airtight before putting it on the Xbox One and PS4 in 2018.

The Unreal Engine 4-powered survival game is about a man named Ash who is living a tormented life in a post-apocalyptic, frozen wasteland.

Players will have to struggle in the day-to-day survival elements threatening to strip Ash of what little life he has left. This will require players to travel about a large and seemingly abandoned world where the company you’ll be keeping most often is that of Eldritch abominations.

Sounds like a cool John Carpenter concept that never got turned into a movie, eh? Well, the gameplay seems to be quite similar, with all of the footage in the trailer below being entirely in-engine or in-game. Check it out, courtesy of GameTrailers.

Adrian Goersch, the managing director at Black Forest Games explained what they plan to use Early Access for when it comes to developing Fade to Silence, saying in the press release…

“We intend to bring Steam players consistent and meaningful content updates throughout development, layering on new areas, followers, missions, monsters, and increasingly complex social events – events that demand moral decision-making on the part of the player. The team at Black Forest Games believes the Steam community will bring invaluable feedback to the final Fade to Silence experience.”

The game isn’t just about gathering supplies and running from monsters. You will have a tiered weapon system at your disposal featuring both melee weapons and ranged projectiles.

You can also choose to fight, save or kill NPCs you encounter; but be careful because according to the description you won’t be able to save everyone.

Fade to Silence is expected to stay in Early Access for roughly eight months. They don’t expect to come out until August of 2018 next year. Once it launches in full on Steam it will also arrive on Xbox One and PS4. It reminds me of a mix of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, Omega Man and The Road.

If the narrative can keep up with the presentation qualities then they might have a worthwhile single-player adventure-survival game on their hands. You can learn more by visiting the Steam Early Access page.


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