Far Cry 5 Director Dan Hay Talks Cults, Villains And Possible Nintendo Switch Port

Far Cry 5 has stirred up quite the noise back when Ubisoft announced it. According to an interview between Far Cry 5 director Dan Hay and another publication site, we learn more about the “game within” through cults, information from locals, villains and the possibility of a Nintendo Switch port.

The latest interview that has gone up between Hay and publication site GameSpot, some interesting stuff regarding Far Cry 5 has surfaced. For starters, let’s start with the cult or conspiracy side of Far Cry 5, and how the devs came up with Eden’s Gate:

“There were kind of two ways that we built the cult. One is that we know that we build these unique and interesting annex and that a lot of the times we build characters that you’re going to have a face-off with, that are magnetic and that are interesting, unique characters. And in this case, what we really wanted to do was build somebody who stood for something and that wasn’t just there… You know you build a character that’s a bad guy and you can ask yourself, “Why are they bad?” And the reasoning doesn’t satiate anything. It’s just, well they’re bad because they’re supposed to play a role. And the point is, is that what makes this character tick, what do they believe in, why are they doing this? Maybe they don’t believe they’re the bad guy. That was sort of element number one: how do we build that and how do we grow on the things that we did with Vaas and Pagan Min and how do we take it to the next level?”

Hay later went on to say that…

I think one of the dangers of building a cult, in some cases, is that people have a tendency to think, “Oh, it’s just a bunch of people running around in robes,” and it becomes cliched. We really wanted to go and meet with experts who were going to talk to us about, you know, how long does it take for somebody to come into it, what do they believe? How real is it that could happen? I think the thing that really I focused on was… I think a lot of us most likely won’t ever be in a cult, and because we don’t have that experience, we probably believe that we’re safe and that we’re smarter in that nobody could really talk us out of our ideas and we wouldn’t fall in line like that.


It became super important that we found an actor who had the ability to win us over. There’s a certain thing when you’re watching an actor work, you ask yourself, “Do you believe this person? Do they believe themselves as they’re giving that performance?” We got a bunch of different performances together and I kept coming across do I believe this, do I believe this? Then we met Greg Bryk, and he basically put a performance on tape. Somebody goes, “Come here, you’ve got to see this.” From, like, the first 30 seconds, this chill went down my back and I was like, “I absolutely believe this guy could lead a cult. I absolutely believe that if I spent too much time with him, I’d join him.””

If you don’t know who Greg Bryk plays in Far Cry 5, he plays this guy — the “supposed” antagonist.

Later in the interview we learn more about discovering places that, in theory, will not act as scripted as previous titles. In other words, to find a place you must talk to people and listen to the hints that they think leads to a place in a “not so picture perfect description”.

“We really wanted to focus on the idea that if you want information and if you want to be able to learn about the world, you go and you talk to people. People have that information, because that’s what life is like, right? It’s not that we didn’t like the towers and it’s not that the towers were generous, it’s just that after a while, it felt like we could grow from that idea. How do you do that? Let’s say that you actually took a plane, you’ve landed in this place, the place got taken over by a cult, you need info. Chances are, you wouldn’t necessarily climb up a tower to get it, right? What would you do? You’d go and meet people and you’d knock on the door, you’d go and meet people and they’d have information, but they wouldn’t have the whole picture.


One of the things that’s really difficult is when you meet somebody in the world and they go, “Here’s what you need to know, here’s when you need to know it, here’s why, here’s why I’m so important, this is what’s going on.” You’re like, “Okay. That feels completely artificial.”


I’d rather walk up to somebody and have them give me hints about data that I can use, but maybe it’s not the perfect data and maybe they don’t have all of it. Which means that I have to explore and I have to go and I have to try, I have to work for it. Then, be generous with that data and give brand-new opportunities to explore. I understand the question, I just think that once people play the game, they’re going to see different buckets.”

Moreover, we also learn that the animal tech found in Far Cry Primal will find some of its way into Far Cry 5. According to Hay, the game will make sure to utilize past animal development tech so that Boomer (the dog) can help players in a more efficient way, which is said to help with “other things” that are in the game too.

Lastly, Hay was asked whether or not gamers will see a Switch version of Far Cry 5? His response sits below:

“I know what Far Cry’s shipping on, you know what Far Cry 5 is shipping on. I think that when it comes to what we’re going to ship on, you know, we’ve got a big game and we have a plan, and we’ll be shipping on the stuff that we’ll be shipping on, is how it’s going to work. But in terms of where the game could go after that, give me some time to think about that, because it’s not where we are today.”

If the interview piqued your interest and makes you want to take a peek at the above from Far Cry 5’s Montana peaks, the game is currently set to launch across PC, PS4 and Xbox One on February 27th, 2018.

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