Fighting EX Layer Teases Blair Dame, Some Fans Want Her leotard Back

Arika’s once mysterious fighting game that goes by the name of Fighting EX Layer has teased yet another character. The new character coming to the PS4 exclusive 2018 game is Blair Dame, but some fans aren’t too happy about her outfit change.

Previously announced playable fighter set to be in Fighting EX Layer includes Kairi, Garuda, Shirase, Skullomania, Allen Snider, Darun Mister, and Doctrine Dark. For the most part, Arika’s Fighting EX Layer has been received quite well across various videos covering it.

As of now, there’s not a huge uproar, but a considerable amount of comments suggest that a form of censorship is at play regarding Blair Dame’s new wardrobe change. If you’ve been a fan of Dame you’ll know that she rocked a white sleeveless leotard, which is topped off with black thigh-high boots and a matching choker.

The new outfit, although much more covered than Dame’s original, has some fans in awe, while others don’t like it all. Given that we can’t see the full outfit but a back view, you can be the judge and take a peek at the teaser trailer below.

As it stands now, Blair Dame is the eighth character confirmed for the upcoming Fighting EX Layer roster. There’s no telling if alternate outfits will be a thing at launch like unlockable content or if players will be stuck with each character vanilla appearance with changeable palettes? Sadly, we’ll have to wait and see.

The good news is that if you want to play the game early and see what the game has to offer, two upcoming playable sessions are set for this year’s December.

The first play test will be at PlayStation Experience 2017 in Anaheim, California starting from December 9th and ending on December 10th. The second play test comes in as a beta that will begin on December 11th for PS4 and will run for two straight weeks.

Fighting EX Layer is scheduled to debut worldwide for PS4 in 2018.


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