Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator Gameplay Walkthrough
Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator Walkthrough

Scott Cawthon shocked the world by releasing Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator unannounced onto the Steam store on December 4th, 2017. Many consider it to be the canonical Five Nights at Freddy’s 6, but it’s not quite like the other games in the franchise. While the horror-themed jump-scare moments are still there, the rest of the game centers around managing the pizzeria and attempting to get through the end of the week without being eaten by the animatronics. Well, if you need a walkthrough guide for Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator, there’s one available.

YouTuber Heuster Heu has a multi-part series that covers the game from Monday to Saturday that you can check out below.

It starts with the option to design your pizza and then throw it at the kids. Eventually Nightmare Freddy will pop up and will glitch the arcade game. This will lead to a litmus test with Baby sitting across the table from you. They’ll play sounds and you’ll have to check on the paper if she responds or not. Simply click on “No” if she doesn’t react.

After the sales pitch intro you’ll need to use your earnings to buy items and then use blueprint mode to place them down into your pizzeria.

When you start off, the first thing you’ll want to do is buy a stage, a fan, and some basic entertainment items.

Once you buy the basics from the Dumpster Diver Weekly you’ll be able to unlock the next tier of items. Each item will increase certain qualities of your pizzeria, along with potential liability risks.

During the first day, get the basic equipment setup and then monitor the vents and make sure nothing is coming out after you. You can check the motion detectors and the audio feeds along with activating the silent vents.

The objective of this mode is to order all the necessary items at the end of the day while avoiding being attacked by the animatronics.

Once you get done ordering all the items from the Tasks tab head back to the main menu.

During the first night you shouldn’t have to worry about anything hunting you down if you didn’t salvage any of the animatronics for your pizzeria.

Go through the main menu list and finish the maintenance items as well, such as unclogging the toilets, cleaning the ovens and replacing the bulbs.

Once all the necessary tasks in the tabs menu have been completed, you can logoff to finish off the day.

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator - Salvage Interrogation

You’ll have to pick and choose whether or not to salvage the animatronic at the end of the day. You’ll have three opportunities to use a tazer on the animatronic before it’s damaged and loses value. If you choose not to salvage any of the animatronics you won’t get the true ending.

If the animatronic shows signs of hostility, don’t hesitate to use the tazer on it to put it back into place.

For the next night, things may start to get a little hairy for you. While you’re going through the maintenance checklist, be sure to regularly check the vents behind you to avoid being snuck up on by any animatronics.

Once you complete the tasks, log off and you’ll encounter another backalley animatronic maintenance checklist, this time it will be Freddy Fazbear.

If you choose to salvage it, wait for the audio prompt to play, DO NOT TAZER IT before the audio prompt plays. Wait to see if it responds to any of the audio prompts, and if it does make a check of it and then proceed to tazer it so it won’t attack you.

Use the money you earn to continue to upgrade your pizzeria, adding more attractions and limiting potential liabilities.

During Thursday night, you’ll have to deal with more commercials and more animatronics.

To lure the animatronics away from you have the audio play and watch the vent access to avoid getting caught.

For the next day, you can continue to grow the pizzeria – adding more animatronics to the stage, more confection and more toys for kids. The thing to watch out for is that the more animatronics and dangerous rides you add the higher risks they pose to injuring kids, which in turn will raise the liability to incur a lawsuit, so keep that in mind.

There are also some new animatronics you can unlock along the way, as you continue to increase your revenue streams and bring the kiddies to your pizza parlor.

Be warned that by the time you get to Friday, the difficulty spike will be immense, so be prepared.

The trick is to keep an eye on the vents as often as possible, while playing the audio in the distance and constantly keeping the maintenance checks in queue so you can get through the night as quickly as possible. It will require fast skills and micro-timed micromanagement, but you didn’t sign up to run a pizzeria with Freddy Fazbear’s name on it just to wimp out now.


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