Genetic Disaster, Roguelike Co-op RPG Graduates From Early Access On December 15th
Genetic Disaster

The wacky, twin-stick cooperative shooter from developer Team8 Studio called Genetic Disaster is currently in Early Access. The game is scheduled to graduate from the development phase and launch in full this month starting on December 15th.

The hand-painted action title allows for up to four players to team up and blast their way through through a crazy mansion owned by a nutty scientist. Your objective is to escape from the mansion using the four over-the-top characters (or you can play solo, if you hate playing with people) and attempt to conquer the procedurally generated levels.

If you do like playing online you can enjoy co-op with up to three other players via either local or online play. You can see what all the real-time carnage looks like with the trailer below.

The game has a variety of levels, different weapons and items you can collect, some stage-based puzzles to solve, and tons of nearly non-stop, bullet-hell action.

You’ll also have to face off against a variety of bosses along the way.

It’s a game that seems to tap into the sort of meta-game that made titles like Enter The Gungeon popular.

Team 8’s title may be graduating from Early Access but it didn’t spend long in the developmental phase of Steam. They plopped the title in there back in October and had mentioned early on that they only planned to stay in Early Access for two months at the max. They managed to keep their word and get the game up and out in December.

You can play with either the keyboard and mouse or the gamepad.

The price from Early Access to the full launch won’t be changing and you’ll be able to pick up a digital copy for just $19.99.

You can learn more by visiting the Steam store page.


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