God Of War Will Be 25 To 35 Hours Long In Length

God of War has a lot of hardcore fans displeased, yet it also receives good reception every now and then. While the debate continues whether or not the 2018 game will please gamers, we learn for a fact by creative director Cory Barlog, who was at PSX 2017, how long the new game will be.

As you may already know, the upcoming God of War game is completely different from that of older God of War titles. Combat is very different, camera work is different, and we are no longer taken through Greek mythology but Nordic mythology.

According to the devs, the new God of War is said to be more “intimate” when it comes to the story about Kratos and his son, which this intimate story will supposedly be much longer than past iterations.

That’s right, creative director Cory Barlog had announced on stage that the new God of War game will take players around 25-35 hours to complete.

It’s worth noting that although some people report that the older God of War games were only about nine or ten hours in length, what should be in consideration regarding the new God of War game is how long will the actual game be? And how long will cut-scenes be in practice?

For instance, every so many meters you pace could be an in-game cut-scene that runs for a long time, which plops you back into the game so that you can walk 12 meters, kill some stuff and go back into a long cut-scene.

This, in theory, would make it “significantly longer” than past entries in the series. However we do learn that Barlog wants the game to be filled with “exploration”. There will be different paths you can supposedly take through the world, and he wants players to treat the game as a “tour bus.”

Folks looking forward to a release date will find that the game is set to debut sometime during the early part of 2018 for PS4.

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