Government Simulator Lets You Turn The World Into A Conservative Or SJW Paradise

Government Simulator

Want to see what America would be like if it were turned into an indoctrinated SJW paradise that Regressive Leftists have been pining and yearning for this recent generation? Well, that’s totally possible with Ambiera’s Government Simulator. Want to reduce government regulation to nil, wipe out the debt, censor Marxists and get rid of all social aid services? Well, that’s also totally possible in Government Simulator.

The game allows you to take control of the politics and finances of various countries around the world, including France, Germany, America, Russia and Austria. You’ll be able to change everything a government would if they were in control of the country.

All of the data is based on real world statistics, where you’ll need to monitor birth rates, GDP, population, debt, taxes, crime rates, unemployment, mortality rates, and even infrastructure.

As mentioned in the press release…

“If you play as the USA, the debt, income, expenditures, crime rate, unemployment rate, etc. you start with is based on the actual, real values of the USA. For example if you lower a tax rate, you’ll see what the simulation calculates as new values afterwards, in dollars, people, crimes per 100.000, interest rate, life expectancy in years, and similar.”

It’s not just about completely screwing over a country or attempting to turn it into a utopia, it’s also about completing certain goals as well, such as public health ratings, global education rankings, minimum wage, banes, regulation, universal basic income, censorship laws, even military service.

You can start wars with any country for any reason, and even make up plenty of lies to the media as to why. As mentioned in the press release…

“The game also includes a media and public relations system, where you can read the most interesting headlines, and try to influence the media with PR stunts, interviews, and similar.”

I’m sure if you want to wipe out a country on the map or take over its resources, just let the people know they have some WMDS and then prep for the invasion.

Alternatively, if you’re tired of the back and forth of failed diplomacy with cuntries like North Korea, you can simply activate the nukes and pretend that the Earth always had a giant crater above South Korea.

If the game does well enough, Ambiera has plans on including additional countries into the mix via downloadable content.

Visually the game isn’t much to look at, but if you enjoy a simulator that’s more about function over form, you can give Government Simulator a look-see over on its Steam store page, where it’s currently available for only $9.99.