Hello Neighbor Goes Gold, Set To Launch December 8th
Hello Neighbor
(Last Updated On: December 4, 2017)

Dynamic Pixels and tinyBuild are finally prepping to release the complete edition of Hello Neighbor. The game has gone gold and will be available later this week on December 8th, this upcoming Friday.

To commemorate the news about the game going gold, they released a new gameplay trailer from the gold version of the game called “The Basement”. You can get a look at the minute long footage in the trailer below.

Now before talking about the trailer, I just have to say that it’s funny that this game is rated ‘E’ for Everyone, proving that you can make some really creative games that put players in interesting situations and possibilities without necessarily resulting in standard-fare AAA-style linear corridors or using trite forms of violence to progress the game. Essentially the game is further proof that you’ll only continue to see innovation from indie developers.

Anyway, the trailer is quick and snappy, giving gamers a short look at the high intensity levels of attempting to navigate through the crazy looking basement. The player manages to escape from the neighbor a few times but then ends up getting waylaid at a door leading elsewhere due to the fact that the door is riddled with locks.

Just as the neighbor reaches the player the clip cuts off, leaving gamers to wonder exactly what happens to the poor player character.

You won’t have to wait long to find out what’s in the basement for yourself once the game launches on December 8th for the Xbox One and on Steam and Origin for PC. You can learn more by visiting the Steam store page.

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