Hello Neighbor Officially Releases For PC And Xbox One

Publisher tinyBuild and developer Dynamic Pixels have officially released Hello Neighbor for PC via Steam and GOG, while Gearbox is the publisher over the newly released Xbox One version.

Hello Neighbor the game has gone through a considerable amount of changes to perfect any bugs and glitches nestled within the game. There’s no telling if all of the bugs and issues with the game have been squashed in the official version that is out now for PC and Xbox One.

To celebrate the game exiting early access comes tinyBuildGAMES new launch trailer, as seen below.

For the curious, the PC version can be played through Steam or through GOG. This means that whichever platform you prefer to play on you can do so as of this moment, which having options is always a good thing.

Looking over to the Xbox One version of Hello Neighbor, tinyBuild and Dynamic Pixels teamed up with Gearbox to bring the console version to light. Whether you like Gearbox or not, this information comes from a tweet that Randy Pitchford posted.

If you’re a bit skeptical about Hello Neighbor and you don’t want to throw down cash to play the game, there’s good news in that a playable demo is currently available over on Steam. The demo should give the cautious an ideal what Hello Neighbor has to offer — both on the surface and at its core.

Moreover, the devs also seeded patch 1.1, which I’m sure should affect the Xbox One version, too. The following changes are quite major and should help out if you are suffering from random lag, game freeze-ups, and other stability issues.

The following fixes found in patch 1.1 change:

  • A bug where the Neighbor can catch you through walls and is able to throw objects
  • Random lag spikes and crashes, especially in act 2
  • General stability and freezes during loading times
  • A bug that causes save corruption
  • Proper Windowed modes (you can now use F11 or alt+enter for Windowed)
  • Neighbor getting stuck in some frequent places

You can learn more about Hello Neighbor by hitting up its GOG page, Steam page or xbox.com.

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