Hyper Jam, Retro-Futuristic PvP Arena Game Launches Early 2018
Hyper Jam
(Last Updated On: December 24, 2017)

Bit Dragon’s Hyper Jam is a neon-soaked, multiplayer battle arena game. No, it’s not a MOBA in the ludological sense that we oftentimes apply as an identity to games like Heroes of the Storm or League of Legends. The game is an actual battle arena title where up to four players will duke it out in futuristic battlefields featuring a variety of 1980’s inspired characters using a variety of weapons.

The game basks in the retro-futurism propagated by old-school media from the yesteryears, pitting players against each other in brightly colored stadiums with high-contrasting motifs, or rooftop villas set within a bourgeois metropolis.

Players will acquire weapons, select their perks, and then dive into battle set to the synthwave soundtrack provided by the new-age retrowave legends, Dance With The Dead. You can check out some clips from the gameplay below.

The combat is a lot closer to games like Ruiner or Furi than other MOBAs. It’s all real-time and high-octane with a variety of melee and projectile weapons to utilize during combat.

The game features both local PvP multiplayer and online play as well for up to four players.

I can’t help but think about how cool the game would be with an accompanying campaign mode of sorts. The visuals look enticing enough, and the gameplay seems a lot more grounded and methodical than what I was originally expecting. You can also modify the gameplay types and the match stipulations.

Based on the initial impressions it was easy to assume that it would be more like Windjammers or Laser League, but that isn’t the case at all.

The characters that they’ve showcased so far look like they’re all inspired by other games and movies, from Blade Runner and GTA: Vice City, to Tron and The Wraith.

There is no price yet for Hyper Jam, but I imagine it’ll arrive after the game’s release date gets set into place. You can learn more by visiting the Steam store page.

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