Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Episode 3 Set For Release December 20th

Life Is Strange Beyond The Storm

Square Enix and Deck Nine Games have revealed the release date trailer for the third and final episode for Life is Strange: Before The Storm. The announcement was accompanied by a new trailer that clocks in just under two minutes and reveals that home console and PC gamers will be able to get their hands on the episode on December 20th.

The trailer highlights some of the choices that players have made over the previous two episodes. The romance between Chloe and Rachel Amber finally hits its crescendo, and the whole fire in Arcadia Bay plays out its course in how it affects their lives.

The trailer puts the fire front and center following the revelation about Rachel’s big secret.

The trailer has this weird setup where Chloe is supposed to be the heroine of some sort for the damsel-in-distress, Rachel Amber.

I’m not really sure how Chloe, a complete screw-up, is going to save anybody when all she does is put people in danger and ruin her life with bad decisions, but… whatever.

There’s also a sub-plot involving the drug dealers and Rachel, where apparently someone was taking money from them. I’m not really sure how it all goes down but it looks like Rachel gets injured and ends up in the hospital.

Apparently Rachel gets wrapped up in the whole ordeal and things fall apart from there.

The game always had the problem of manufacturing a lot of chaos around Chloe’s life due to her awful decision making skills. I suppose that was the big difference between Chloe and Max. In the case of Max at least she was thrust into a bad situation due to Chloe’s bad decision making, as opposed to seeking out trouble on her own. It made players feel a lot like problem solvers attempting to troubleshoot the chaos created by Chloe.

For Before The Storm there’s the unsettling realization that you’re in the shoes of a protagonist who is causing all the chaos.

Anyway, you can look to wrap up this prequel story come December 20th.

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