Lone Developer Eric Mack Shares Doko Roko Gameplay Updates

Back on October 20th, 2015 came lone indie developer Eric Mack’s project Doko Roko. The 2D vertical action game is a product of Kickstarter and the now deceased Greenlight platform. Recently, Mack has released gameplay GIFs showcasing progress of Doko Roko.

Covered on this very site before, Doko Roko is a 2D rogue-like, vertical action game with a huge emphasis on lightning-fast combat. Sporting a unique atmosphere, the world and thriving ecosystem of Doko Roko is contained inside of a strange looking tower, as seen below.

Mack has stated that the idea behind Doko Roko was to treat the game’s fiction with as much nuance as the core mechanics, layering the world and mechanics much like glazes on an oil painting:

“My goal with Doko Roko is to experiment with how a world might look if it built on top of itself rather than outward in all directions, like how you might layer glazes onto an oil painting to model subtle variations in light and color.”

It’s worth noting that Doko Roko is still in development, but it’s best to keep in mind that all animations, effects and character designs are done by one person.

The next GIF is quite old, but it stands to show off lighting effects on 2D and 3D characters/objects. We can see light-rays break up and contort to our little hero’s shape as a shadow.

If you are wondering “what 3D?” Well, the backgrounds are made out of voxel 3D-scapes. This also helps with generating new maps and creating unique looking atmospheres around the world of Doko Roko.

This PC project is still alive and kicking, despite it only being one guy trying to build up a project that looks like it’s been made by a team of people. However, if you want to show support or learn more about Doko Roko, you can visit Kickstarter, Twitter or okobugames.com.