Lost Soul Aside PSX 2017 Trailer Reveals In-Game Demo Footage

Lost Soul Aside is an indie game that was made by one person. Although the indie game sported assets from an asset store, the title picked up mass attention due to its gameplay and turned the one man project into a team called Ultizero Games. At PSX 2017, a playable demo showing the game reveals the latest progress made on Lost Soul Aside.

Most indie games made these days don’t follow in the footsteps of high-end 3D titles; on average you’ll find many 8-bit pixel titles flooding the market. However, Bing Yang wanted to change that after being inspired by Final Fantasy XV, compelling the lone dev to create an action-adventure 3D game with fast-paced hack’n slash combat.

The dev and his team, Ultizero Games, upcoming game made an appearance at PSX 2017 to show off the title’s mechanics in demo form. The following information comes from Yang, who posted this note on the “special demo” trailer:

“OP of the Lost Soul Aside PSX 2017 special demo. Game under development does not represent final quality. All footages in the video are captured in the playable demo in PSX 2017 event.”

The combat in Lost Soul Aside is something you’d find in a game made by Platinum Games , due to the quick ground moves that lead into air-combos and stylized move-sets that the protagonist sports.

You can be the judge as to whether this game is something that you would like to follow or not by watching the new special demo trailer.

If you happen to be at the event or PSX 2017 in Anaheim, California this weekend, you will be able to play test Lost Soul Aside. The demo will obviously hold more than what is shown in the above video, which should be enough to give you an understanding as to what the devs want to offer gamers.

Lost Soul Aside currently has no official release date, but it is set to release for PS4.

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