MechWarriors 5: Mercenaries To Release December 2018

During MechCon 2017, Piranha Games president Russ Bullock took the stage to show off MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries. The new game will sport a single-player mode and co-op capabilities, along with mod support.

It’s been awhile since a Mechwarrior game has hit the scene, but there seems to be a new game that will debut in December, 2018. There’s no stability behind this release date, which means that it could face a delay, but if the given date is anything to go by then the fourth quarter of 2018 is the time to start gearing up.

Moreover, MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries has a new teaser trailer that’s currently available to look over. The video runs through hanger activity in about 30 seconds or so, until viewers are seated in a mech.

In addition to the above, various locations are showcased through the cockpit of a mech, flaunting action sequences that range from helicopters and opposing mechs on planets to moon battles.

You can check out the newly posted teaser trailer below.

It is said that Mercenaries will feature a “sim-like campaign” where the player runs a mercenary company and can explore areas and fight different counterparts.

Mercenaries will also support Steam Workshop, meaning that mod support will be a thing. In other words, the usual stuff like better graphics, additional options to toggle, and content custom tailored to a player’s liking will be possible through said Workshop support.

If modding isn’t your thing and you’re looking at what the base game’s AI has to offer, Mercenaries fans will find that AI teammates will be able to help you on missions or up to four other friendly players to turn the tides of a mission. It’s worth noting that Bullock finds the AIs in the game to be weak at this point and is something that is being worked on.

Lastly, MechWarriors 5: Mercenaries will launch sometime in December 2018. If you want more information on this game you can hit up


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