Monster Hunter World Story Will Take 40 Hours To Complete
(Last Updated On: December 18, 2017)

Some game story modes force the player through narrow pathways filled with cut-scenes, essentially taking the controller away from the player to stretch “gameplay”. Well, it seems to be the complete opposite when it comes to Capcom and game director Yuya Tokuda’s Monster Hunter World story, which at the minimum will take 40 hours to complete.

I’m not sure if the 40 hours found in Monster Hunter World’s story are actually free of “lengthy” cut-scenes, but from the sounds of it the game will sport more gameplay for fans of the series and gamer alike to enjoy.

Upon taking your time and playing the game without trying to rush it could take extra time, sitting around 45 to 50 hours in length. I should note that this is just the story mode and not counting any other alternate quest-lines or post-game content.

The above information courtesy of Monster Hunter World game director Yuya Tokuda, comes in thanks to My-MMO or, as explained below.

“Depending on the type of player, I suppose it will take about 40 to 50 hours to clear the story.”


“But it wouldn’t be a Monster Hunter title if there wasn’t content to enjoy post-game. Players can continue to forge and upgrade their favorite weapons and armor after the story is complete.”

Stepping in for Tokuda, we learn that the executive director and art director Kaname Fujioka noted:

“Not only that! We will also put out weekly event quest and free updates that players can enjoy post-launch.”

I guess this also links into the no microtransactions and loot-boxes detailed in a previous interview regarding Monster Hunter World, given that the game will sport free DLC and other weekly content for folks to indulge in without having to open any RNG boxes.

Anyway, Monster Hunter World will become available for gamers to play worldwide for PS4 and Xbox One on January 26th, 2018, with a PC version to follow later in the West.

In Japan, Monster Hunter World will only be available for PS4 and will have an open beta to go live on December 22nd ending on the 26th.

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