Open Discussion: December 24th, 2017
(Last Updated On: December 24, 2017)

Today marks the last 2017 Open Discussion here on OAG. Of course If you don’t know, this Open Discussion series explores different subjects or topics about anything — but more so about video games — and allows you to say anything related or unrelated to whatever is being discussed.

If you enjoy talking or in this case typing, the Open Discussion series is for you. The whole point of this series is to give you the ability to post up anything related or unrelated to the subject at hand, which each week the subject changes.

Keeping the consistency going like every post on this site, any comment will be approved in the comment section below. This means that you’ll face no form of censorship if you go off stray from the topic at hand.

Moreover, if WordPress or Disqus censors a comment or holds a list of your comments captive in pending just let us know and we’ll try to fix the situation.

Now that the above has been stated for readers and posters, the subject for this week’s Open Discussion is about holiday sales. As you may know, a list of video games, appliances, subscriptions, movies and a list of other things of interest will be discounted during holiday season.

This will lead to one or more things that you may want to sit at a noteworthy price if not lower. We can see this across several retail stores and virtual platforms like Steam and GOG.

Additionally, you can also talk about games that you wish you could get around to playing that may be discounted or what you plan to play/do during the holiday season.

With that said, you can either stay on topic or you can post up something else that you may think is interesting/pressing that’s happening around the world.

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