Pokémon GO Developers Niantic Reveals Ingress Prime

Whether you like mobile games or not, it’s been confirmed that Niantic Labs, the ones behind Pokémon GO, will revamp the 2012 game Ingress as Ingress Prime sometime during 2018. To acknowledge this move regarding the augmented reality title, the development team seeded a new live action trailer.

Taking a step back to November 15th, 2012, Niantic Labs released a game called Ingress. The mobile augmented reality MMO role-playing location-based game was originally exclusive for Android devices and was later made available for iOS devices on July 14th, 2014.

According to fans of Ingress and the game’s narrative, it explores a “complex science fiction” story that’s not only continuous but opts for an open narrative.

However you look at the game and its story, the latest act by Niantic depicts that of Ingress Prime through a new video trailer. There’s no telling whether there are hidden Easter eggs in the trailer or not, but what’s for certain is that you can view the new live action video trailer right here:

After the release of the trailer it sparked three responses. The first response by fans comes that of excitement for a new augmented reality mobile game that will likely hit both Android and iOS devices.

The second response from fans is the usual stuff of will it be good or bad, which sparks the typical debate of a sequel being worse or better than the previous iteration.

The third response that fans stressed surrounds that of microtransactions. Some people fear that the developers will find intrusive ways to implement it in Ingress Prime, although there’s no real evidence at this point supporting said response.

The only thing as of now that fans and the skeptical can do is wait for further information to come forth via Niantic. However given that 2018 — Ingress Prime‘s current release date — is one month away, we shouldn’t have to wait too long for additional info on this upcoming revamp of Ingress.