Project 1942 Screenshots Showcase Advanced Lighting, Foliage
Project 1942 Screenshots

While most war games are focused on the grittiness of the combat and how dirty and grimy they can make everything look, the developers working on Project 1942 are also focused on making a game that has a proper visual identity to help bring the project to life and give the environments – and the soldiers fighting within them – some life and ambiance.

The developers recently unveiled two brand new screenshots, featuring two different locations on display with different vehicles in use.

Both screenshots are designed to give gamers a look at what the lighting system is like in the upcoming first-person shooter. The first shot takes place along a stone-gravel road, where enemy soldiers have setup flanking positions to pepper the tank with rifle fire.

Project 1942 - Lighting Test 2

We can see that the road bifurcates just up ahead, branching off into pathways through the thick forest.

The pathway to the right is obviously blocked by a large stone, while the pathway to the left is a lot more clear.

The second screenshots is more of the money shot, focusing in on the tank as it moves through a narrow pathway while the shadows from the over-arching trees provide a canopy of shade for the metal war machine.

Project 1942 - Lighting Test 1

The images clearly showcases some truly high-end foliage art and lots of screen space ambient occlusion and dynamic soft and hard shadows. As far as setting up the atmosphere is concerned, the game looks like it nails it quite well.

The screenshots arrived in time as a Christmas present of sorts for people who can’t wait to learn more about the game where you take on the role of playing as the Germans during World War II. The game is an alternate history take on the large scale war, painting it from the perspective as Germans as the heroes.

You can learn more about Project 1942 by visiting the game’s Patreon page.

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