Raiders Of The Broken Planet Wardog Fury Campaign Is Now Live
Raiders of the Broken Planet Wardog Fury

MercurySteam announced that the latest expansion for Raiders of the Broken Planet has arrived for home console and PC, it’s called Wardog Fury. You can pick up the new episode for $9.99 for the PS4, Xbox One or PC.

The new expansion pack centers around the disturbed and twisted General Marmalade and his deformed and mutated Umbra Wardogs. Players will form up their team and tackle four new story missions along with unlocking a new playable character in the form of Loaht, one of Marmalade’s experiments that went rogue.

A trailer for the new episode was posted up over on YouTube and you can check it out below.

The campaign trailer for the new episode is a foul-mouth laden cinematic featuring some of the new enemies, the new playable character, and the new levels. It starts with the General’s mutants arriving in some tank-walkers where Loahte is hiding out. They attempt to goad him to come back with them… alive. However, he flips them off and ends up catching their ire in the form of explosive tank shells.

From there we get a few clips showing how Loahte doesn’t seem to be able to get along with the rest of the squad and arguments ensue, fights ensue, and violence ensue.

The new stages are themed around the bright the quarry of the Wardogs hideout, and it looks like something right out of Borderlands 2.

The premium campaign is available for $9.99, like the other premium campaigns.

However, the campaign update isn’t the only major change being made to Raiders of the Broken Planet. In a recent developer diary update, game designer Joan Amat discusses the new progression system, the new unlock system, and the new team-up system.

The economy and rewards have been overhauled so that you can earn more currency in the game, and the currency you do own can then be used to temporarily purchase premium campaigns. You can play the premium campaigns for up to four hours using in-game currency, sort of as a way to play-test the campaigns before you decide to buy them.

Additionally, they’ve updated the invite system so now players who already own the premium campaigns can invite their friends into the mission even if they don’t own the premium missions. It’s a neat way to help entice some gamers to check out the content and potentially turn them into buyers.

I’m curious if at some point in the future you’ll be able to buy the whole game as a complete package? It would also be pretty cool if the complete edition allowed you to play through the game as a single-player, story-oriented adventure from start to finish.

Anyway, the latest episode for Raiders of the Broken Planet is available right now and you can learn more by visiting the official website.


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