Riot – Civil Unrest Enters Early Access For PC Via GOG And Steam

Riot Civil Unrest

Often referred to as Antifa simulator comes publisher Merge Games and developer IV Productions’ Riot – Civil Unrest. The newly released PC game for GOG and Steam Early Access lets you assume various types of civilian or cop in brutal or peaceful confrontations.

Riot – Civil Unrest puts the player front-and-center in a simulator setup that oversees two factions battling it out. Controlling one of the two factions, which happen to be civilians or riot officers, allows you to be an extremist or rational group in a fractious dispute.

That’s right, the riot simulator places the player right in the heart of clashes based on real life riot disputes. These fractious clashes feature campaigns such as: Spain’s Indignados, Egypt’s Arab Spring, Greece’s Keratea, and Italy’s NoTAV uproar.

Players can take sides in any of the above campaigns, featuring up to 17 single level scenarios that also include Rome, Oakland, Paris, London, and Ukraine will be present in the game.

The official description explaining what Riot – Civil Unrest has to offer lies below:

“As civil crisis deepens and inequality tears the very fabric of society the discontentment of the masses manifests itself in violent public disturbances and civil disorder. Play as the police or the angry horde as RIOT – Civil Unrest places you in some of the world’s most fractious disputes.”

If you want a good look at Riot – Civil Unrest gameplay and to see how different uproars play out, a video that runs well over 30 minutes by YouTuber Raptor can be viewed right here.

It’s worth noting that the game is still in early access, meaning that there might be some glitches or optimization issues here and there. But if you want to try your hand at Riot – Civil Unrest, the game is currently running a 10% off deal over on GOG and Steam Early Access.

Riot – Civil Unrest price point currently sits at $11.69 and will go back to $12.99 on December 13th. You can learn more about this game over on

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