Team Ninja Wants To Take Time Off And Think Up A New Dead Or Alive Game
(Last Updated On: December 18, 2017)

Are you a fan of the Dead or Alive series of games? Well, you might just get a new one with Team Ninja’s Brand Manager, Art Director, and Game Director all talking about preparing to move on and think up a new game in the Dead or Alive realm.

If a new Dead or Alive game were to hit the gaming scene it would likely be faced with the typical social media outrage and sensational pieces asking the devs behind the game to censor it or cancel it

Well, it seems as if Yosuke Hayashi, Team Ninja Brand Manager, Yutaka Saito, Dead or Alive Art Director, and Yohei Shimbori, Game Director, are planning to make a new Dead or Alive game anyway.

This information comes from a recent event that went down that included one of Koei Tecmo’s divisions: Team Ninja. The latter name took to the stage to announce some stuff regarding the series of Dead or Alive and made the following video below to explain what’s currently going on:

That’s right, after closing out the Dead or Alive 5 Battle Royal 2017 Grand Finals event at NEC 18 in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, Team Ninja shared the above video saying goodbye to the now five year old fighting game, as the team prepares for the future of the Dead or Alive series.

There’s no telling how this new Dead or Alive game will be at launch or what features it will implement, but if these times are any indication, expect the devs to be flooded by screechers on social media when they release screenshots or gameplay videos of the forthcoming title in the DoA series.

No details have been provided on what the game will include, when it will release to the public to consume or what platforms it will be made available for. All that is known is that Team Ninja will stop developing the fifth game, but the team is still active working on DoA:

“Dead or Alive 5 has finally come to an end, but the Dead or Alive team is very active.”

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