Terraria Blood Moon Joke Causes SJWs To Label Game As Misogynistic, Demeaning
Terraria SJWs

There’s a section in a couple of Terraria’s Wiki pages that describes events that happen during a Blood Moon cycle in the game. The Blood Moon causes enemies to get meaner, and the world to become more dangerous, and even has the females get more aggressive and surly in their responses. Well, this entry on the community-ran Wiki pages caused various SJWs to label Terraria as misogynistic and demeaning towards women.

It started with a tweet that has gained more than 3.3 thousands likes…

And then it began to escalate into concerns for children, being damaging to women, being called tasteless, and then eventually being labeled as misogynistic…

Like most SJW circles, the distaste for the joke moved from mild annoyance, to outright disgust, and then eventually – like in almost all cases involving SJWs – the conversation evolved into a call for censorship.

Thankfully, there were a few calmer heads in the thread asking to tone it down. With one of the users stating that it makes the Far Left look ridiculous and delegitimizes a lot of their activism when it’s over petty things, especially calling for censorship over a game where some of the characters briefly get angry at you during a Blood Moon.

For reference, the 1.1 update that features the Blood Moon effect was actually implemented six years ago.

You can check the date of the changelog over on the Gamepedia 1.1 entry.

So the outrage over the joke is six years late to the party.

The entries about how the females in Terraria respond during a Blood Moon varies per-wiki site, as pointed out by TheGG, but Wikia has a slightly more detailed entry, stating…

“As of update 1.1, the Blood Moon has been given a more noticeable effect on friendly NPCs as well, primarily the female ones. Quotes from the Nurse, Dryad, Stylist and Mechanic all seem to show hostility or annoyance and even bad stress when acknowledging the player, compared to other days/nights. This is possibly a joke using “Blood Moon” as a reference to females’ menstrual cycles.”

The thing is, the females acting a certain way towards players is an observed response from the Wiki creators from playing Terraria, and has no actual canon or comments from the developers about the matter.

However, given the complaints from the Social Justice Warrior community about the feature, don’t be surprised if Re-Logic does what Bluehole Studio did with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and goes back in and removes the six-year-old feature to appease those who were offended by it… six years later.


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